5 Best Women’s Finisher in WWE and the 5 Worst

While some female wrestlers perform bone-crushingly brutal endings, others are either lackluster or immersive. Finishing techniques are extremely important in professional wrestling. When a Superstar delivers his or her finisher, fans tend to get crazy since it usually signifies the match is going to conclude.

Despite their capacity to thrill spectators, not all finishers are made equal. Some finishers appear more attractive than others. When looking at the complete WWE roster, there are some incredibly good finishing techniques and some that are pretty poor in contrast. Let’s look through the top five and bottom five finishers in WWE’s Women’s Division.

Naomi’s Rear View

Let’s start with what may be one of the least stunning finishes for any current Superstar, male or female. The greater issue with this stinker of a finale is as follows: Naomi is frequently referred to as one of WWE’s most athletic girls. But, for whatever reason, that was the only move they could think of for her? She’s a perfect prospect for a new job, but would they ever alter things up if they haven’t already?

Sasha Banks’ Bank Statement

Which maneuver is popular among fans? Submission maneuvers. Banks is one of the finest in WWE when it comes to such maneuvers. It’s compelling, it appears legitimate, and it’s provided lots of victories for the Legit Boss.

With Banks ultimately returning to WWE after SummerSlam 2019, replete with a new, nastier heel attitude, her brutal submission finisher could see a lot of action in the coming weeks and months. She undoubtedly wants to wear the belt again, and Sasha Banks‘ Statement can assist her in doing so.

Bayley’s Bayley to Belly

If a Superstar’s go-to finishing move is employed by a slew of other Superstars as simply another move in their arsenal, it’s hard to convince viewers that the finisher is truly lethal.

This is the case with the Bayley to Belly, which is essentially a belly to belly suplex. Bayley has won a lot of matches with it, but it’s not really amazing. Given the Superstar’s open admiration for prior heroes such as the Macho Man, WWE should have explored pushing her toward a Macho Elbow. Still not the most impressive maneuver, but it’s a step up from what she’s doing today.

Charlotte’s Figure 8

How do you prepare a finishing for the daughter of WWE royalty? You take her father’s finishing and modify it in a way that makes full advantage of her innate talents and physical strengths.

The end result? Figure 8 is a diagram. To be honest, whereas others struggle to find a single excellent finisher, Charlotte has a couple that may qualify—and Natural Selection is also rather wonderful. But what is her go-to? That’s the Figure 8, which is now one of the top submission maneuvers in WWE, men or women.

Ronda Rousey’s Armbar

This one may not be the worst but bear with me while I elaborate. Yes, Ronda Rousey is a skilled MMA fighter. Ronda Rousey is well-known for using it to kill out a lot of opponents in the blink of an eye.

So, what makes it one of the worst? Because of how she’s been delivering it to WWE Superstars, it simply doesn’t sound very credible. Some of the tap-outs occurred before the maneuver was fully locked in… Perhaps on purpose? Perhaps it would be more credible in a WWE ring if it was well packaged or presented. But it’s not good as it is.

Becky Lynch’s Dis-arm-her

Because The Man has another strong-looking finisher, she—and her move—make the cut. Anyone may see her placing her opponents in the Dis-arm-her and say, “Man that looks painful.”

Isn’t that the mark of a truly powerful finisher? That fans will think, “Yeah, that would definitely hurt,” or “that has to truly knock them out.” Fans may believe this after Lynch’s move.

Alexa Bliss’ Twisted Bliss

Little Miss Bliss is a stunning Superstar. She is one of, if not the, smallest female wrestlers in WWE history, but she compensates for her lack of stature with outstanding personality and athleticism.

Twisted Bliss isn’t a horrible finale at all. It’s actually fairly acrobatic, given where she’s coming from and what she’s doing. Having said that, given her petite stature, it’s far from catastrophic. If a huge Superstar performed that move? Maybe. If Alexa choose to make it look like a 450 splash? Perhaps. It’s wonderful to see, but it’s not a really strong finale.

Ember Moon’s Eclipse

How do you improve on a renowned finisher? You have a young, enthusiastic Superstar execute the same technique, but this time she leaps from the top rope. That is exactly what Ember Moon’s Eclipse is.

Take Steve Austin’s Stone Cold Stunner—a basic yet fantastic finishing move in and of itself—and add the jumping acrobatics that allow Moon to make it her own. Since its debut in NXT, the maneuver has been both thrilling and devastating to WWE fans. It undoubtedly belongs on any list of the top WWE finishes today.

Nia Jax’ leg drop

Isn’t Nia Jax an amazing Superstar? She is easily the largest and strongest female Superstar. She’s a formidable woman. Any technique she performs—her Samoan drop, a body slam, anything—has the potential to be catastrophic… or at least appear to be.

Her final leg drop? Sure, it appears to be painful. That is not why it is one of the lowest scorers. Nope, it’s poor because it simply lacks pop. It’s not distinctive or stunning. It’s not breathtaking. Not saying it might harm, but here’s hoping for something a little more original from the Superstar at some time.

Kairi Sane’s Insane Elbow

Here’s an excellent illustration of what presentation can do for a closing motion. Kairi Sane is certainly not the tallest player on the team. She may be little, but she is a strong fighter with a stunning finisher.

The Pirate Princess may soar from the top turnbuckle to deliver what seems to be a devastating, precise elbow to her opponent with the Insane Elbow. Despite her petite stature, the combination of her leap and theatrics makes it appear severe and well-executed. Sure, one may argue for her partner’s Asuka-lock or another maneuver, but this one is simply stunning.

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