5 Best Attires Of WWE’s Female Roster

WWE, Since The Fabulous Moolah controlled ladies’ wrestling, everything about the women in the ring has changed. Ladies progressed from wearing one-piece bathing suits with sequins to today’s women wrestlers who wear a variety of gear to the ring. Alexa cosplays a variety of characters, Charlotte Flair honors her father, and Natalya honors her whole family heritage and love of cats. The ladies have worked hard and have succeeded in changing people’s opinions of what women’s wrestling is and should be; their clothing is simply another way they’ve done so. Without further ado, here are ten of the greatest women’s outfits.

Charlotte Flair

5 Best Attires Of WWE's Female Roster

The suffix tells it all. Charlotte is still the Nature Boy’s daughter, no matter how far she has come. That doesn’t define Charlotte, but it does contribute to her overall in-ring gear style. The outfit is all one color, but the tights are multicolored. The great robes are modeled by the Olivia Walker robes that Ric wore during his career. It’s all reminiscent of Charlotte’s origins.

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Alexa Bliss

If Xavier Woods is the men’s roster’s cosplay monarch, Alexa Bliss has to be the ladies’ cosplay queen. Over the years, the Goddess has taken on the roles of several Disney princesses and villains, as well as a few superheroes. She most recently dressed as Buzz Lightyear to defeat the IIconics for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles at SummerSlam 2019.

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Empress Of Tomorrow is part geisha girl, part wild and colorful wrestling warrior. Asuka enters the ring wearing a geisha-inspired mask and opulent robes. However, once the outer attire is removed, she appears to be straight out of a combat game. Asuka has had a few ups and downs in recent years, but now, amid the epidemic, she is doing everything she can to put on fantastic bouts and delight the public.

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Rhea Ripley

For “The Nightmare” by Rhea Ripley, it’s a simple black-on-black style. But it also matches and complements her personality extremely nicely. She’s a huge ass kicker who has done everything she can to avoid comparisons to Toni Storm and Charlotte. It also added to the impact of her colorful WrestleMania costume.

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Kairi Sane

Kairi Sane, as the Pirate Princess, not only had a fascinating sea-faring adventure concept, but she also had great ring entrance gear, including a captain’s hat and steering wheel. She’s preserved that motif as one half of The Kabuki Warriors, but she’s also been able to incorporate some of Asuka’s color into her own. It’s subtle, yet it makes them appear to be a team.

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