10 Wrestlers who would be interesting choices for biopic movies about their lives

Although professional wrestlers are sometimes regarded as superheroes and super-villains, they are really just regular people hiding behind their identities. Many wrestlers have had wacky careers and even wackier journeys simply to get to the pinnacle of their profession.

Next month, HBO will screen a documentary on Kenny Omega. The network has already produced a blockbuster documentary about the life of Andre the Giant. What former or even current big stars might make for fantastic movies in the light of the news of Hogan’s probable biopic?

We’ve heard tales of performers like TJP and Daniel Bryan suffering with addiction throughout their lives, as well as Jake Roberts and Scott Hall living in their vehicles early in their careers. One can be sure that there is a market out there eager to consume content about people who established successful careers inside the squared circle given the popularity of pro wrestling throughout the globe and the influence caused by films like Ready to Rumble and The Wrestler.

Here are 10 wrestler superstars about whom intriguing films may be created. Not every wrestler has had to fight their way to where they are in their careers.

1. Jeff Hardy

Since he was able to work as an adult, Jeff Hardy has been involved in the world of professional wrestling. He has gone on many roller coaster rides in his life since he has spent his whole adult life in the ring.

Hardy had a lot of success, from making a name for himself as a solo WWE World Champion to breaking out as a tag team with his brother. But with with that success came a number of problems off the field, including accidents, addictions, and arrests. Hardy’s story serves as a warning, and it speaks well of his character that he is presently living a moral life.

The controversial “Victory Road” bout between Sting and Eric Bischoff in 2011 when Sting arrived up for the match high and Eric Bischoff had to really call an audible might perhaps play a significant role in a hypothetical biography.

Hardy’s life would make for a fantastic movie plot since his current conflict with Samoa Joe even referenced his prior difficulties.

2. Daniel Bryan 

A movie on The New Daniel Bryan would be fascinating to see. Daniel Bryan initially had a strong connection with the WWE fanbase because he was seen as an average person who had earned his stripes on the independent circuit before joining WWE. Due to his stature and appearance, he was often passed over and didn’t have much of a chance to compete as a major event until the start of the “Yes Movement.

When he defeated all three members of Evolution at WrestleMania 30 in order to win the WWE Championship, it made for the ideal underdog moment since he was disregarded and underappreciated. If it wasn’t devastating enough, he also had to give up two championships due to injuries, and he finally had to retire because of lingering concussion problems.

 But thus far, his tale has had a happy ending since he went back into the ring and won the WWE Championship. That was a greater piece of writing than Hollywood could provide.

3. Kurt Angle

It would make sense to make a feature film on Angle now that his professional wrestling career may be coming to an end. It would make sense to make a feature film on Angle now that his professional wrestling career may be coming to an end. Even before joining WWE, Kurt Angle’s life appeared like it might have been the basis for a movie.

Angle earned a gold medal at the Olympics “with a broken frickin’ neck,” as his supporters are well aware. His success outside of wrestling paved the way for a long and prosperous career within, which is still going strong now. Even though Angle claims to have competed in his last WWE battle, the whole period between his Olympic victory and the present would make for an interesting tale.

His transformation from having drug abuse problems in the latter years of his WWE career to his alcoholism during his time with TNA originates from a movie plot. In addition, if individuals are looking for a romantic element (no pun intended), everyone is aware of the Jeff Jarrett/Karen Jarrett romance that caused his marriage to fail.

The movie about Angle will undoubtedly be uplifting and show off his morals and ethics as well as all he went through to become a national hero.

4. The Undertaker 

Since his 1990 debut, The Undertaker has been a devoted member of WWE.

The Undertaker is seen as being associated with WWE even if he may not have had as many ups and downs as Jeff Hardy or Kurt Angle. He joined with WWF and made his debut at Survivor Series in 1990 after struggling to find success in WCW. What follows is history.

His career has been studded with WWE firsts, including bouts at Hell in a Cell, Casket, and Buried Alive. Whether or not he came up with the match concepts isn’t as important as the fact that he gained notoriety for taking part in these kinds of bouts and maintaining kayfabe in his persona.

The Undertaker has the greatest gimmick of all time, and the fact that he went over 20 years without losing at WrestleMania is legendary. Although the results are already known, what began as a straightforward run of victories in the event became a rite of passage for some celebrities and equivalent to a championship battle at the event itself.

He was the perfect example of a devoted locker room leader who was respected by everyone on the team, even his boss. It would be intriguing to see a narrative developed around how he affected not just the WWE but the whole industry.

5.  Ric Flair

The popular culture figure Flair. The Nature Boy is without a doubt a professional wrestler from the past or present who would have a fascinating tale to share. He was lightning struck, adopted as a youngster, and almost perished in an aircraft disaster. All of stuff is done outside of the ring.

His involvement with Evolution helped to further his career while his work in the 1980s produced the Four Horsemen, the greatest group in history. A touching moment would be documented on tape during the bout with Shawn Michaels that ended his WWE in-ring career, as well as the passing of his son Reid and a number of his divorces.

Given that Charlotte Flair is one of her generation’s top performers, a comparison to her may also be drawn. After everything is said and done, Flair would be the ideal topic for a movie that appeals to lovers of both wrestling and popular culture. His name is used as an audible call in the Los Angeles Rams offence by Jared Goff and Sean McVay, and Flair has even attended games for the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers.

6. Shawn Michaels

The new hairdo of Shawn Michaels from HBK alone merits at least a YouTube clip. Even just HBK’s new hairstyle merits a YouTube video. In WWE, The Heartbreak Kid has essentially gone through three major stages or careers. The first was as a tag team expert who then became arrogant and controlled the WWE backstage with his other Kliq members in the 1990s.

His second career with WWE would be the period of time he spent away from the organisation after suffering a serious back injury and being forced into semi-retirement. His life was saved when he became a Born Again Christian.

The third act would focus on his post-pro wrestling life and how he continued to be a vital member of the organisation via his appearances with DX and contests against The Undertaker. The most compelling topics for documentaries or movies about people’s lives are often those whose lives have seen significant ups and downs.

One of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Shawn Michaels, could easily have a biopic made on his life. The fact that Michaels continued to play a crucial role in WWE programming while being away from the title crown. His longevity is another aspect that may be highlighted.

7. CM Punk

Although CM Punk may want us to forget about his time in the WWE, the fans will never forget. Both as Brooks and as CM Punk, Phil Brooks had a life that would make a good movie. He developed a straight-edge lifestyle as a result of his background with an alcoholic father, which helped shape some of his wrestling career.

When he joined WWE, he was so unpopular that he was still allowed to go under the name CM Punk that he had been using on the independent circuit. His ascent from being an afterthought to holding the longest reigning championship of the modern era helped define his WWE career, but so did his departure from the organization.

His exit from WWE in 2014 as a result of his dissatisfaction with the company was a significant turning point in wrestling history. Even though he was still at the height of his fame, leaving at that point would have been unprecedented. And it wasn’t financial in nature.

His influence on the profession is shown by the fact that spectators still scream his name during slow moments in wrestling matches or when they are annoyed by what they are witnessing. Finding the perfect actor to play the “Voice of the Voiceless” and securing his consent would be the only challenging aspects of filming a movie about his life.

8. Bret Hart

One of the most legendary families in wrestling is represented by The Best There Ever Will Be. In the wake of the early 1990s steroid crisis, Bret Hart assisted in saving the WWF. His diminutive build and technical prowess demonstrated that wrestlers didn’t need to be extremely large or muscular. He wasn’t simply a performer; he was a real “professional wrestler.”

Given how crucial he was to the WWF’s survival in the early to mid-1990s, it would be even more astonishing to learn how “the Montreal Screwjob” removed the championship from his waist. It is reminiscent of the schemes of an evil genius like Cersei Lannister who is doing her hardest to get her way while annihilating her foes. Due to the kayfabe boundaries being crossed during “The Montreal Screwjob,” it was a crucial time in wrestling history and would play a significant role in any Bret Hart biopic.

The passing of Owen Hart and the impact it had on everyone concerned has to be considered another significant aspect of the film. The Harts’ distance from WWE was exacerbated by the act, which was only intended to be a joke. 

His subsequent reunion with Shawn Michaels, who “screwed” him in “the Montreal Screwjob,” as well as Mr. McMahon and WWE, may possibly play a significant role. The majority of Hart’s narrative certainly feels like it might have been a Hollywood production.

9. Roddy Piper

Roddy Piper has had an intriguing life, much like Ric Flair. Due to his participation in the first two WrestleMania main events, Roddy Piper was crucial to the early development of the WWF. He did not, however, get the same treatment as Hulk Hogan and never took home the WWE or WCW major championship. His persona in wrestling and his acting career did create a significant impression on both wrestling fans and popular culture.

One of the greatest one-liners ever is the whole phrase from “They Live”: “I’ve come here to chew bubble gum and kick a** and I’m all out of bubble gum.” But with his captivating nature, why was it that neither firm ever gave him a shot at becoming a big star? That fact alone may be the basis for a film about his life.

He undoubtedly had an effect on a generation of celebrities, including Ronda Rousey, who received his approval to adopt the moniker. He was an interesting man, and interesting people make for wonderful movies.

10. Mick Foley

The most inspiring story of a pro wrestler who started off as a wrestling fan is Mick Foley’s life. Many professional wrestlers have had similar experiences, but Mick Foley’s path to become one of them was undoubtedly unusual. He wasn’t exactly in the finest of form, so he was probably passed over by promoters who preferred muscle-bound hulks.

He also took up hardcore wrestling to distinguish himself, earning the nickname “the Hardcore Legend” for it. Foley was one of the well-known wrestlers involved in the development of the sub-genre in America, from his stint in ECW to his bouts in WWE. Let’s not forget two of the greatest moments in WWE history, such as when he ultimately captured the title and when he prolonged the bout by smashing through the Undertaker’s Hell in a Cell barrier.

He is a best-selling novelist who has had an ear amputated during a game. After everything is said and done, Foley has a narrative about an underdog that viewers would undoubtedly relate to. The moment he entered the Royal Rumble bout under each of his three personalities would be amusing to see on a huge screen, too.

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