10 Shocking Moments in the UFC

The UFC has had many incredible moments, including upsets, short fights, and strange occurrences that are difficult to explain. Here are our ten most startling UFC moments. Finding the most outlandish may be difficult given the sport’s lengthy history.

Post-Fight Brawl at UFC 229

The biggest fight in UFC history, which is still debatable, was on the UFC 229 programme. The fight between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov appeared to be highly personal due to their extreme trash-talk, but what happened after the fight shocked everyone.

After submitting McGregor to win the match, Nurmagomedov immediately tossed his mouthpiece at a member of his corner. This sparked a fight outside the ring, and in a shocking development, McGregor was still in the cage when several members of Khabib‘s crew unexpectedly jumped him from behind.

Forrest Griffin Leaves Octagon before Decision

In Tito Ortiz’s final match at UFC 148, Forrest Griffin had the chance to compete against the future Hall of Famer. The outcome of the contest would depend on the judge’s decision because it was so close. Griffin did something novel while he awaited the verdict. Before a winner could be determined, he left for the locker room believing he had lost. Griffin was forced back to the octagon by UFC president Dana White, and this is only part one of this astonishing turn of events.

Griffin stole the microphone from Joe Rogan while Ortiz was being interviewed by him for the last time, disrespecting Ortiz by doing an absurd interview.

Holly Holm Knocks Out Ronda Rousey

Nobody believed Holly Holm had a chance when she challenged Ronda Rousey for the women’s division of the UFC championship because Rousey was a nearly unstoppable force. Only one of Rousey’s six prior title defenses had progressed past the opening round.

The champion was unable to prevail this time. In the second round, Holm came out strong and was able to knock out Rousey with a kick to the head, dethroning the clear favorite.

Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo at UFC 194

Conor McGregor was expected to face Jose Also for the UFC Featherweight title at UFC 194, but as he is prone to doing, McGregor astonished not only the MMA community but also the entire sports community.

Conor McGregor defeated Aldo in just 13 seconds to win the title from a man regarded as one of the top fighters in the world on a pound-for-pound basis.

Jorge Masvidal Knocks out Ben Askren

Ben Askren has a perfect 19-0 record and was the overwhelming favorite going into his battle with Jorge Masvidal.

As soon as the fight began, Masvidal had other ideas and easily knocked Askren unconscious. Even without the surprising result, the fight’s five-second knockout stands as the quickest in UFC history.

Matt Serra Defeats Georges St. Pierre

No matter who he faced, St. Pierre was always a dominant force, and prior to his battle with Matt Serra, GSP was a strong favorite. Serra had only one stoppage victory and no knockout victories. That would alter after UFC 69.

Serra stunned the UFC world by defeating the overwhelming favorite St. Pierre in the third minute of the first round, but the manner in which he did so increased the shock factor. Serra’s first-ever UFC knockout came as a result of a succession of strikes that caused the referee to stop the fight and declare Serra the winner by TKO.

Miesha Tate Defeats Holly Holm

Holly Holm’s first championship defense came against Miesha Tate, who she had previously defeated impressively to win the title.

Holm was the clear favorite in this fight after surprise everyone by knocking out Rousey. Although this fight was outstanding from a fighting perspective and lasted five rounds, the UFC was taken aback by the outcome. After Miesha Tate put Holly Holm to sleep in the fifth round with a rear-naked chokehold, the referee stopped the contest and gave Tate the championship.

Randy Couture Defeats Tim Sylvia

Even though Randy Couture was the current UFC Heavyweight Champion, he entered UFC 68 as a significant underdog against Tim Sylvia at 43 years old and past his prime. Experts anticipated a changing of the guard when Sylvia was in his peak, but that didn’t happen.

As he controlled the whole battle until the final buzzer, Couture demonstrated that he still had what it required to compete against the UFC’s more recent opponents. By winning the unanimous decision match against a much younger opponent, Couture stunned the UFC community.

Anderson Silva versus Chael Sonnen 1

Due to Sonnen’s propensity for talking trash and the anticipation around Anderson Silva’s fame, the first encounter between Silva and Sonnen had a tremendous amount of buildup. Sonnen proved that he was not just talking trash since he dominated this bout right from the start. Up until the fifth round, that is. Although Sonnen had the advantage over Silva on the mat, Sonnen’s erratic attempts to knock Anderson Silva out were unsuccessful when Silva trapped Sonnen in a triangle grip and forced him to submit. Although Sonnen had the advantage in points, the result proved that anything could happen in a UFC fight.

Anderson Silva’s Injury

Anderson completes our list and makes an unfortunate second appearance. There is always a potential for anything to go wrong when a fighter enters the cage, and at UFC 168, Anderson Silva experienced a complete disaster.

Anderson’s shin clearly collapsed and bowed in an extremely unnatural way after being struck by a leg kick from Silva during the second round of a bout with Chris Weidman. Due to this horrific accident, the game was immediately stopped and Silva’s career was destroyed.

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