10 MMA Legends Who Can Never Be Predicted

The unpredictable nature of MMA competitors can make a bout in the UFC or elsewhere incredibly thrilling! These 10 MMA stars, however, are the most erratic!

Through the promotion of their choosing, such as UFC, fans have seen some of the best athletes and fights throughout the history of MMA. Many individuals agree that unpredictable behaviour is essential for every single fighter, even if the question of what makes a fighter the finest is often the subject of intense discussion.

10 Best MMA Fighters Who Would Never Compete In the UFC

A battle would most certainly end quickly if one fighter entered it against an opponent who knew precisely what they were going to do. The majority of fighters stick to a style they are familiar with, but they often keep a few sneaky tactics in their sleeves as a backup plan.

10: Jorge Masvidal

Benji Askren vs. Jorge Masvidal UFC 239 Credit: USA TODAY Sports/Stephen R. Sylvanie

Jorge Masvidal is one of the most difficult fighters to read in the cage, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to many MMA fans given that he has one of the best viral knockouts of all time. Even though it’s uncommon for fighters to start off with a dangerous punch, Jorge’s strike was particularly difficult to hit.

Ben Askren was knocked out by Jorge Masvidal in only five seconds thanks to a flying knee. It’s difficult to predict what Masvidal will ever say first, despite the fact that he may become easier to read the longer a battle lasts.

9: Conor McGregor

Given that McGregor prefers to keep his bouts standing, MMA fans might perhaps argue that he isn’t much unexpected, but they would be missing the point. McGregor is most unexpected when the bouts are standing still.

Being a southpaw makes it much more difficult to interpret his quick and unconventional punches. Anyone entering into the cage against him knows he’ll attempt to maintain the fight, but they won’t be able to predict when or what blows will be delivered.

8: Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya, a former kickboxing champion, is skilled at varying his strikes. Adesanya is regarded as one of the finest strikers in contemporary mixed martial arts, and he consistently ranks among the top 10 fighters in the UFC pound-for-pound rankings.

He strikes with such variety, speed, and accuracy that he is so unexpected. Adesanya has most of his opponents expecting the exact opposite of the attack he is going to fire in between taunting and sometimes odd postures. His unexpected striking ability gives him the ability to easily control the tempo of the majority of his encounters.

7: Anthony Pettis

Not only did Anthony Pettis compete in three different weight classes, but he also took home the UFC Lightweight Championship. In the UFC, competing in one division is challenging enough, but expanding to three truly confuses your rivals.

His modifications to each division contribute to some of his unpredictability. Pettis was able to defeat some of the best fighters of all time with punches and submissions while switching divisions. Even the strongest warriors struggle to defeat his unusual fighting technique.

6: Nate Diaz 

Nate Diaz is one of the most unexpected and challenging opponents in UFC history and was the first fighter to stop Conor McGregor’s tremendous momentum. Many fighters focus on a single aspect of their fighting style in particular. Others are technical specialists, while others are outstanding fighters.

Nate Diaz is a technical prodigy as well as a tough brawler. His versatility is a result of his overall skill. He can roll with the most flimsy opponents and trade with the heaviest hitters, allowing him to enter each battle with any strategy in mind.

5: Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva was unbeatable in his peak. Every fan of Silva has watched his legendary performance against Forrest Griffin, but that was more of a demonstration of his octagon intelligence than it was of his unpredictableness. In general, his unexpected temperament was shown in how he would respond to adversaries.

Silva was fully aware of the talent of many of his rivals, but he tended to be a little more dismissive of those who, in his opinion, didn’t quite measure up to where he was. Through his bizarre octagon antics, Silva often showed disdain to his opponents. On occasion, this upset his opponents and made Silva more difficult to read.

4: Tony Ferguson

While some MMA fans may be perplexed by Tony Ferguson’s selection, the majority of ardent supporters are well aware of his unpredictable nature. Although Tony Ferguson enjoys his rear-naked choke, he really enjoys trading blows with his opponent much more.

His reckless and direct demeanour are what make him unpredictable. Because there is so much to take into account, it is almost hard to interpret a powerful hitter with a firm chin who drives the tempo of the match. In his more than ten year career, he has never lost a bout from strikes prior to the year 2020.

3: Jose Aldo

One of the numerous explanations for Jose Aldo’s almost ten-year winning streak is his unexpected nature. Aldo is so skilled that many people believe him to be the best featherweight in MMA history.

His understanding of a wide range of MMA techniques contributes to his unpredictable nature. Because of his Muay Thai training, he can trade with most strong hitters, and his defensive grappling skills let him take the fight anywhere he wants. Many competitors believe they have Aldo where they want him, but he always manages to take charge and prevail.

2: Cung Le

Anyone should be able to see why Cung Le is so unpredictable just by looking at his MMA experience. Cung Le is a dangerous guy who has won championships or tournaments in many styles of kickboxing, wrestling, and the Strikeforce Company.

It was his lengthy combat experience that gave him his unpredictability. In addition to being able to stand face-to-face with his adversary or engage in close combat, Cung Le was also able to utilise his extensive training to surprise him.

1: Jon Jones

When it comes to adjusting to his opponent, Jon Jones is undoubtedly among the greatest. Every fighter aspires to have the flexibility to adjust to their opponents’ fighting styles, but Jones does it with ease.

It is difficult for any opponent to judge whether it is preferable to accept a kick or attempt and probably fail a takedown while facing up against him due to his powerful front and roundhouse kicks and strong defensive wrestling. Even the best fighters will be put off by his ability to dominate his opponent when they are on the ground.

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